The business area of VT Raamatupidamisbüroo OÜ – providing accounting service.
The work is done by real professionals, boasting more than 10-year-long experience of working as chief accountant.
“Our work is correct and reliable and we are accurate and dedicated. We comply with bona fide accounting principles and legal acts that regulate the accounting. We guarantee the quality service based on professionalism and considerable experience in finance”.

  • Accounting

    • current accounting
    • reinstating accounting for previous periods
    • accounting for particular period
    • establishing of accountancy
    • drafting of internal accounting guidelines
    • control and processing of initial documents
    • issuing of sales invoices
    • recording sales invoices and incomings in riscontro
    • recording purchase accounts and payments in riscontro
    • business trip reports and business trip expenses reports
    •  capital assets recording, write-off and depreciation accounting
    • filling in and submitting declarations to Tax and Customs Board
    • declaration corrections
    • compilation and submission of statistic reports to Statistics Estonia
    • preparation of financial statements (balance, income statement)
    • record-keeping of objects
    • preparation of annual reports
  • Payroll accounting

    • monthly payroll accounting and preparation of payroll records
    • accounting of fringe benefits and bonuses
    • accounting of holiday pay and final settlement in case of leaving the enterprise
    • filling in and submission of certificates of incapacity for work to the Health Insurance Fund
    • compilation and submission of statistic reports to Statistics Estonia
    • preparation of salaries and taxes in the Internet bank
  • Additional services

    • registration of taxpayer liable to value added tax in the Tax and Customs Board
    • financial consulting and analysis
    • credit management
    • advising on issues related to termination of labour contract, if necessary, including preparation of all corresponding documents
    • consulting in special cases in regard with labour contract, if necessary, including preparation of all corresponding documents
    • sending letters at our address
    • temporary storage of initial accounting documents for previous years

Delegate us your accountancy and concentrate on the main business activities!

Service of virtual office

We offer you to set up the enterprise using our postal address and will send all incoming mail in a form of scanned PDF-files to the address of your e-mail. You can easily keep yourself in the swim of things via e-mail, no matter what your destination is!

Launching and representing business

In co-operation with Tormi Team Raamatupidamisbüroo OÜ we will help you to execute all relevant procedures, beginning from registration of company or partnership and registration of enterprise as a value added tax liable payer. If required, we can represent your business in Estonian institutes and other enterprises within the limits of delegated responsibilities. We can help you in all legal issues, do translations of all incoming and out-coming documents to a target language.

Sale of ready business

The best way to start with business activity is to purchase ready business from us, i.e., buy private limited company, which was set up with a purpose of its further sale and registered in the commercial code. At the moment of signing a sale-purchase agreement on purchase of such commercial association, an application to the commercial register is executed, in order to make an entry fixing changes in the board, and, at your wish, to alter the name and the legal address. The address may be also left as it is, and we will enter the agreement on providing of the legal address service. Ready business has an account opened in SEB bank. We can also help to register a firm as a value added tax liable payer.

Setting up of business

If you aim at setting up of business, we will help you with prompt and correct preparation and execution of all required documents.

Amendment of data in the register

We will assist to make different alterations – whether related to changes in business management or the size of share, or equity capital, business structure, organisation chart, commercial name or address.

Liquidation of commercial associations

Should you wish to stop economic activity, you will have to undergo the required procedures – to carry out through liquidation proceedings and submit an application for cancellation of entry in the commercial register.

Service of documenting and archiving

VT Raamatupidamisbüroo OÜ offers a service of drafting and archiving documents. Document management system allows business real-time access to information of paper and digital sources, remarkably speeding up a process of decision-making during work. Effective archive management backs up analysis performance and guarantees storage of information within the period as prescribed by the law, providing apart from the informational value, the evidential value too. In addition to providing our clients the integral service of documenting and archiving, which cover the needs of specific enterprise, we help to put straight and compliment the existing systems.